Index of Balshaw (and other) marriages, pre-1837.

Chronological order

Thanks to Peter Harrop for indexing the Balshaw marriages in various church registers before 1837. A few were unreadable and need further clarification.  Where necessary, I have used ? symbols to indicate that there was some doubt about interpretation of the information on the microfiche.

Each entry is given in the following format:
Date (day/month/year), Groom, of (place), Bride, of (place), Witness 1, Witness 2

5/2/1748, Hugh Balshaw, Barton, Alicia ?, Ormskirk, ,
2/2/1760, Timothy Shearson, Aughton by Ormskirk, Mary Heath, Aughton by Ormskirk, ,
19/10/1761, John Balshaw, Barton, Isabel Culshaw, Ormskirk, ,
12/7/1775, John Balshaw, Ormskirk, Eleanor Prescot, Ormskirk, ,
10/8/1777, James Riddiough, Ormskirk, Mary Causer, Ormskirk, ,
18/7/1778, John Mawdsley, Ormskirk, Jane Riddiough, Ormskirk, ,
27/6/1779, Edward Yates, Ormskirk, Alice Riddiough, Ormskirk, ,
10/9/1781, William Balshaw, Ormskirk, Elizabeth Much, Ormskirk, ,
5/3/1789, Lawrence Nuttall, Wigan, Susan Riddiough, Ormskirk, ,
26/6/1791, Charles Balshaw, Ormskirk, Jane Travise, Ormskirk, ,
26/12/1791, William Wilson, Ormskirk, Ellen Balshaw, North Meols, ,
12/5/1793, John Balshaw, Ormskirk, Alice Croft, Ormskirk, ,
25/12/1797, Samuel Shearson, Ormskirk, Elizabeth Riddiough, Ormskirk, ,
12/9/1802, James Hall, Blackburn, Susannah Riddiough, Ormskirk, ,
29/9/1802, John Riddiough, Ormskirk, Frances Gregory, Ormskirk, ,
18/10/1812, William Balshaw, Halsall, Nancy Monk, Ormskirk, ,
2/3/1813, Nathan Tunstall, Ormskirk, Alice Culshaw, Ormskirk, Charles Balshaw,
3/10/1814, Richard Wright, Ormskirk, Anne Loyed, Ormskirk, John Balshaw, William Walker
16/5/1815, Henry Brooks, Ormskirk, Ellen Green, Ormskirk, John Balshaw, Ann Balshaw
3/12/1816, Samuel Carridge, Ormskirk, Grace Files, Ormskirk, John Balshaw,
18/9/1817, George Mason, Ormskirk, Ann Spencer, Ormskirk, Charles Balshaw,
18/4/1819, Lawrence Marsden, Ormskirk, Margaret Gibson, Ormskirk, John Balshaw,
10/9/1820, Thomas Howell, Birmingham, Mary Shearson, Ormskirk, Henry Reynolds, Lucy Riddiough
12/2/1821, Thomas Leather, Ormskirk, Margaret Yates, Ormskirk, Charles Balshaw,
21/7/1822, John Balshaw, Ormskirk, Ann Highton, Ormskirk, Thomas Balshaw, Mary Gregory
9/11/1823, George Hudson, Ormskirk, Mary Gregory, Ormskirk, John Balshaw, Lucy Riddiough
29/2/1824, Thomas Balshaw, Altrincham, Lucy Riddiough, Ormskirk, Lucy Ann Riddiough,
26/12/1824, John Balshaw, Ormskirk, Ann Cliffe, Ormskirk, Frances Sherlock, Ralph Balshaw
7/8/1825, Ralph Balshaw, Ormskirk, Frances Sherlock, Ormskirk, William Sherlock, George Wignall
25/10/1825, Alexander Moorcroft, Ormskirk, Rachel Ward, Ormskirk, Charles Balshaw,
16/9/1830, John Balshaw, Ormskirk, Mary Leech, Ormskirk, George Leech, Nancy Balshaw

I must emphasise that I do not guarantee that this index is accurate or complete.  It is only a guide to help you to trace an ancestor.  It has not been formally checked by me or a third party.  It is quite possible that Peter or I have made mistakes in transcribing the information.  I hope you find it useful in its current form.

This information can be copied freely (except for purposes of financial gain), provided that appropriate acknowledgement is made.

Copyright Peter Harrop and Nicholas Howard Balshaw, 2000.