The "Ormrod" Balshaws

The  christian name Ormrod is very unusual but I keep coming across it in connection with the Balshaws.  It is clearly a connection with the surname Ormrod or Ormerod, which is not uncommon in Lancashire.

Births (1837-1900)

James Ormrod Balshaw, Bolton, 4th qtr., 1855

James Ormrod Balshaw, Bolton, 3rd qtr., 1872

Martha Ormrod Balshaw, Bolton, 2nd qtr., 1862

Peter Ormrod Balshaw, Bolton, 1st qtr., 1854


Edward Marsden Balshaw married Mary Anne Ormrod, 12th November 1821.

1st qtr., 1877, Peter Ormerod Balshaw, Lichfield.

Deaths (1837-1914)

3rd qtr., 1863 Martha Ormrod Balshaw, Bolton

3rd qtr., 1867 James Ormrod Balshaw, age 43, Bolton

4th qtr., 1891 Peter Ormrod Balshaw, age 38, Solihull

3rd qtr., 1896 James Ormrod Balshaw, age 41, Bolton