1881 census - Balshaws

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Click to download the 1881 Balshaw census data as a comma separated variable file.  Your spreadsheet program should be able to read this and you can then sort it in whatever way you like.  At present the file is sorted as follows.  First by parish, then by head of household, then by relationship to the head of household.

1881 census notes

On the 1881 census of England and Wales there are 621 people with the surname Balshaw. Of these, 321 are female and 300 are male.  This page summarises some of the observations that I have made during a fairly extensive study of the census data.

509 of these 621 people lived in Lancashire; 58 in Cheshire, and no more than 9 in any other county.

115 Balshaws claimed to be "Head" of their household.  88 of them were male and had living wives; most of the others were widows and widowers.  In other words, there were only about 115 Balshaw family groups living together at the time of the census.  When you consider that two generations of your ancestors may have had households at the time of the census, it makes you realise that it shouldn't be difficult to establish which household(s) your ancestors lived in!

There were 142 scholars.  After this the most common occupation was to work in the cotton industry (about 64 people at every level of  the industry). Considering that the majority of these people lived in Lancashire this shouldn't be too surprising.  After this there were no occupations that were particularly common.

Where did most of the Balshaws live?

This is a list of the number of households in the most common parishes, (in fact all the parishes with more than one household).

Little and Great Bolton 13
Preston 8
Blackburn 7
Altcar 4
Walton le Dale 4
Ormskirk 4
Kirkham 4
Great Crosby 3
Liverpool 3
Altrincham 3
Birkenhead 2
Barrow In Furness 2
Lancaster 2
Chester St Oswald 2
Eccleston 2
Manchester 2
Tranmere 2
Leyland 2

1881 mysteries?

There are obviously some unsolved mysteries in the census data. Can you help me to resolve them?