Roll out the barrel and batten down the hatches, those bad old In-Stinks gunslingers are comin' to town !





Between 1983 and 1988 The In-Stinks reigned supreme in West London. Rising from the ashes of the Nightcreatures (Angus & Sap) and Nervous System (John & Fuzz), Southall's finest (well, since The Ruts of course !) fused discordant & crazy rhythms, displaying heavy influences of The Fall, Captain Beefheart and The Birthday Party. For the "Southall Contingent" (or Southall Punx as more commonly known), In-Stinks gigs became a meeting place for the like-minded and many of these evenings occurred at the legendary Bumbles Wine Bar in Acton.

A collage of In-Stinks songs by John Bracher

The In-Stinks Songs

* Harry The Hairless * Knee Jerk * Rat Down The Mine * A Week's Strainn * Gunslinger * Duncan Thunderbird * My Mama's Dead * Scratch Of A Simpleton * Thicko Then * Barney Boy * I Forget You * Whoopsachol * House Fell Down * Summer In The City * Bill * The Guilt Train * A Real Need * Love Generation Dies * Junk Music Style * Little Miss Tragedy * Weird Years * Snake With The Evil Eye * Trouser * And Then The Night * Blow Out * Not My Day * Windthrows * Jesus Sold Me A Nightgown * Immense Bigness * Pardon In Church * Unwanted Silver * Eliza Bates * Boreface * Sanctuary * Doc's Big Plan *

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Roll Out The Barrel

Weird Years

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