NEPAL 8-17th JANUARY 1999  --  part three

Here is the third in a series of photographs, taken by Robert Wincup, during a Naturetrek birding tour of Nepal

During the tour 262 bird species and 11 species of mammal were recorded.
These included Leopard Panthera pardus and Gangetic River Dolphin Platanista gangetica.

Buddha Air
Internal flights made were via Buddha Air, but you could choose Yeti Airlines!

Lounge Lizard in favoured habitat Birding from a comfy chair at the tented camp at Koshi. This should make any Lounge Lizard feel at home!
Indian Flying FoxIndian Flying Fox Indian Flying Foxes, Pteropus giganteus, were an impressive sight at Biratnagar.
Oriental Magpie Robin A male Oriental Magpie Robin, Copsychus saularis.
Verditer Flycatcher A very smart Verditer Flycatcher, Eumyias thalassina. The black lores indicate that it is a male.
Kohi Tappu  
Kohi Tappu Above and to the left are two views taken at Koshi Tappu.

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Further selections will appear here soon.