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Grey Squirrel - Ness Point - August 30, 2004 - © Andrew Easton

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RED FOX Vulpes vulpes

Two were seen within ten minutes of each other on one car journey in Lowestoft on January 1st. The first trotted nonchalantly across Elm Tree Road towards Conrad Road at approximately 22:10; a short while later one sprinted across Peto Way from Normanston Park towards Princes Walk.
Pakefield - January 22nd (1), June 9th (Kirkley Cemetery). A pair reared 3 cubs this summer in the Laxfield Way area, the new relief road has caused them to relocate a short distance, but they are still present in the area.
Lowestoft (Peto Way) - March 30th (1), October 20th (2 in B&Q car park).
Oulton Broad - June 3rd (one Hall Road).
Waveney Forest - June 11th (1).
Castle Marsh - June 12th (family party with 3 cubs).
Hamilton Road - September 28th (1 heading for the fish market area). Presumably the one that polished off most of the ground nesting gulls in the harbour area this year.

Red Fox cub ©Derek Beamish
Red Fox cub - Castle Marshes - June 2005 ©Derek Beamish

STOAT Mustela erminea
Lound Waterworks
- April 9th (1), May 8th (1), August 14th (1).
Corton New Sewage Works
- August 29th (1).

Mustela nivalis
Gunton Warren
- April 24th (1).
Ashby - May 28th (1).
Kessingland Sluice - October 13th (1).

Mustela vison
Two or more young Mink were playing beside the footpath at Flixton Decoy on July 10th.

Red Fox cub ©Derek Beamish
American Mink - Flixton - July 2005 ©Andrew Easton

GREY SEAL Halichoeras grypus
Hamilton Dock, Lowestoft
- February 11th (1).
Ness Point/North Beach - February 15th (1), March 31st (1 N), September 21st (1).
- August 21st (2).
One swimming belly up past Lowestoft North Beach on October 22nd was doing a very creditable turtle impression.

Phoca vitulina

One was seen along Lake Lothing on March 6th. One was seen swimming north past Kessingland on April 30th.

One fairly young pup was resting on Lowestoft North Beach on August 17th, and probably the same individual swam north past Ness Point on the 18th.

Common Seal ©Andrew Easton
Common Seal - Lowestoft North Beach - August 2005 ©Andrew Easton

Phocoena phocoena
Noted offshore at Kessingland as follows:
January: 1st (1 S), 2nd (1 S), 7th (1 S), 19th (1 S), 20th (2 N), 27th (2 N).
February: 2nd (2 N), 3rd (1 N), 6th (1 N), 10th (3 N), 13th (2 N).
March: 5th (2 N), 8th (2 N), 11th (2 N), 14th (1 N), 16th (1 N), 17th (2 N, 1 S), 23rd (1 N), 24th (2 N), 26th (1 N), (28th 2 feeding), 29th (1 S).
April: 3rd (1 S), 8th (1 S, 1 feeding), 20th (2 S adult and juvenile), 21st (1 S), 27th (1 N).
May: 3rd (1 N), 5th (1 N), 6th (2 S), 17th (1 feeding, N and S), 31st (1 N).
June: 14th (1 S), 21st (1 N), 30th(1N).

July: 6th (1 feeding), 22nd (1 N), 23rd (1 N), 26th (1 N), 28th (3 N), 29th (1 N), 31st (1 N).
August: 8th (2 S), 10th (1 N), 11th (2 feeding), 16th (1 N), 18th (1 N), 22nd (2 S), 28th (1 N).
September: 1st (1 S), 3rd (2 feeding), 6th (3 S), 13th (1 feeding), 16th (1 N), 23rd (2 feeding), 26th (1 N), 27th (1 N, 1 S).
October: 9th (1), 16th (1 S).
November: 1st (1 S), 7th (1 N).

Noted offshore at Ness Point/North Beach as follows:
February: 13th (1 S).
March: 28th (2 N).
June: 5th (2 N).
August: 5th (4).
September: 29th (1).

Noted offshore at Corton as follows:
August: 14th (2).

MUNTJAC DEER Muntiacus reevesi
Kessingland -
Tracks were noted at the sewage works and along Coopers Lane on January 7th. One was also seen at the sewage works there on January 10th.
Fir Lane, Lowestoft - one was hit by a car on the 16th and taken into care.
Lound - January 22nd (1).
Mutford - January 28th (tracks noted).
Carlton Marshes - February 17th (1).
Waveney Forest - May 8th (1).
Gunton Warren - May 9th (1 crossing the coast road nearly collided with the observer who was cycling along the road!)
Blundeston Marshes - May 30th (1).
Lowestoft (Norwich Road) - June 16th (1 at midnight right in the middle of town!).
Flixton Decoy/Marshes - July 10th

Chinese Water Deer © Andrew Easton
Chinese Water Deer - Carlton Marshes - February 2005 © Andrew Easton

CHINESE WATER DEER Hydropotes inermis
Carlton Marshes - Tracks were noted at Round Water on January 7th.
Two were feeding together at Share Marsh on February 20th. The one to the left in the picture above was in the greyish winter pelage, and also had a bent right ear which should make it quite recognizable as an individual in the future; whilst the one to the right was moulting well and already attaining the more rufous/sandy summer coat. The inset shows the elongated canine tooth of a male.
May 26th (1 being harrassed by Lapwings).
Blundeston Marshes - May 8th (1), 30th (2).
Somerleyton (Wicker Well) - July 13th (1).

Ashby - January 22nd (7), May 22nd (2).
St. Olaves - January 22nd (3).
Somerleyton/Ashby - July 3rd (3).

FallowDeer © Andrew Easton
Fallow Deer - Ashby - May 2005 © Andrew Easton

GREY SQUIRREL Sciurus carolinensis
At least three were enjoying the dining facilities at "Squirrel Hall" in Waveney Forest on January 23rd, although their table manners left something to be desired at times!

Grey Squirrels
Grey Squirrels - Fritton - January 2005

YELLOW-NECKED MOUSE Apodemus flavicollis
Singles were found in live traps at Flixton on January 31st and February 18th.

WATER VOLE Arvicola terrestris
One was seen and photographed at Fisher Row, Oulton on April 22nd. A rather rare sight nowadays.

Water Vole © Peter Wright
Water Vole - Fisher Row - April 2005 © Peter Wright

BROWN HARE Lepus europaeus
Mutford - January 28th (3).
Ashby - April 2nd (3).
Blundeston Marshes - May 27th (1).
- May 28th (1).
Gisleham - May 29th (1).

PIPISTRELLE BAT Pipistrellus pipistrellus
These brilliant pictures were taken during the middle of the day when one was flying around the observers garden at Kessingland in June.

Pipestrelle Bat  ©Chris Darby
Pipistrelle Bat - Kessingland - June 2005 ©Chris Darby

Reptiles and amphibians

A dead Adder Vipera berus was noted at Gunton Warren on April 23rd.

Two Grass Snakes Natrix natrix were seen at North Cove nature reserve on April 24th.

A Slow worm Anguis fragilis was found near Kessingland sewage works on April 24th. Another was seen at St. Olaves on July 5th.

The first young Great Crested Newts Triturus cristatus of the year were noted in Mutford pond on April 27th.

A Grass Snake was watched swimming across one of the main lakes at Lound water works on May 1st.

Seven Adders and one Grass Snake were seen in Waveney Forest on May 2nd.

Three Grass Snakes were seen at Carlton Marshes on May 29th.

Adder and Slow worm were seen at Waveney Forest on May 30th.
Five Adder were seen at St. Olaves on July 5th along with 2 Common Lizards.

A Grass Snake was seen at Oulton Marshes on July 10th.

20 Common Lizards, a Grass Snake and a Slow Worm were seen at Herringfleet Hills on August 29th.

Insects & others

White-tailed Bumble Bees Bombus lucorum were noted feeding at Hebe flowers at Kessingland on January 12th. Another Bumble Bee Bombus pratorum was also seen in Kessingland on January 22nd.

A worker Wasp Vespidae foraging in gardens along Hervey Street, Lowestoft on January 13th was a surprise.

Another Bumble Bee was being blown rapidly westwards along Lake Lothing by the biting east wind on February 26th.

A worker Wasp Vespa sp. was soaking up the spring sunshine in Stevens Street, Lowestoft on March 14th.

A Buff-tailed Bumblebee B. terrestris was noted in Lowestoft Cemetery on March 15th.

Spring really kicked into gear in the balmy weather on March 18th, numerous Bumblebees, flies and Ladybirds were on the wing throughout the day. Perfectly timed for the newly arriving Northern Wheatears and Chiffchaffs to feast upon!

Beeflies Bombylius major were noted along the Lowestoft Cemetery cycle track and at Kessingland on the 27th.

Insect migration seemed to be taking place on May 1st as well as bird migration, evidenced by a Water Boatman and six Pond Skaters taking up temporary residence in rain filled tyre tracks along Corton disused rail track!

A Hornet Vespa crabro was at Ashby on May 28th.

Lobster  © Derek Beamish
Lobster - Ness Point- August 2005 © Derek Beamish

A Lobster was netted by a fisherman at Ness Point on August 19th, a photo of it appears above.

After what looked like a blank year locally for Harlequin Ladybirds Harmonia axyridis around 30 adults and a few larva were found in "Flycatcher Lane" behind the Denes Oval on October 16th. Three examples of the very variably patterned adults and a larva are pictured below.

Perhaps this species will occur later in the year than most native species, as it was in October that the first ones were seen last year, in nearby Belle Vue Park. Or maybe they have lurked here undetected throughout the summer.
One was also seen at Dip Farm, Gunton, on the 16th. A few adults and pupae were noted on a wooden fence along Yarmouth Road on the 21st. Several others were also seen in Gunton Wood and Sparrows Nest and Belle Vue Parks on the the 22nd and 23rd. A few were found at Hopton Holiday Village on the 25th.

Numbers in Gunton Wood had increased to over 50 on October 27th

Harlequin Ladybirds  © Andrew Easton
Harlequin Ladybirds - Lowestoft - October 2005 © Andrew Easton