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Ringlet - Corton - June 29, 2004 - ©Andrew Easton

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BRIMSTONE Gonepteryx rhamni
North Cove / Castle Marshes
- April 15th (8).
Burgh Castle - April 26th.
- August 22nd (3), 28th (1), September 1st (3), November 3rd (1).

Brimstone - Corton sewage works - August 23, 2004 - ©Andrew Easton

Lycaena phlaeas

Carlton Marshes - May 15th (2)
Burgh Castle
- August 2nd (1).

Aricia agestis
Burgh Castle - August 14th
Corton disused railway - August 28th (1).

Celastrina argiolu
Oulton Broad - April 24th.
- April 24th.
- Denes Oval/Flycatcher Lane, April 24th (1).

Corton sewage works
- July 30th (5+), August 10th (1), 15th (1).
Burgh Castle
- August 2nd (2).
Kessingland sewage works
- August 1st (2).

Anthocharis cardamines
North Cove/Castle Marshes - April 21st (3).
Fisher Row - April 25th.

Colias crocea
One was watched at Burgh Castle on the 14th, and another was at Kessingland on the 25th.
One was noted along Breydon South Wall on September 4th.

WHITE ADMIRAL Ladoga camilla
North Cove
- At least six were recorded on the reserve on July 6th. The first was feeding on Brambles by the main path which leads out to the marshes just over the railway crossing. The best place is in the woodland. Turn left immediately once over the level crossing and just before you come out into the open / the first hide one kept returning to a Rowan tree 20 meters to the right of the path in a small clearing for an hour or so. One was seen here in the third week of July just over the railway crossing and two were still on the wing on August 4th.
Waveney Forest, Fritton - At least 5 were seen on July 28th. This species has been recorded here in the past but never more than one at a time.

White Admiral ©Robert Wilton
White Admiral - North Cove - July 6th, 2004 - ©Robert Wilton

PAINTED LADY Cynthia cardui
Corton - June 25th (3), July 4th (1), September 1st (2), 4th (2).
Northfield's School
- June 8th (1).
Somerleyton Marshes - June 8th (3).
Stevens Street, Lowestoft
- August 16th (1) The first in the garden all year!

Aglais urticae
One was flying along Stanley Street, central Lowestoft on March 2nd. Certainly fairly early, but last year one was on the wing on January 11th!

Another was soaking up the sun sitting on the shingle on Lowestoft North Beach on March 15th. At least seven were at Corton disused railway line on the 17th, and several more were at Mutford.

One was at Kensington Gardens on November 7th. One was flying around in gardens at Kessingland on December 4th, where several worker Wasps were also still on the wing.

Vanessa atalanta
Gunton Woods
- June 7th.
North Cove - 6th (2).
Burgh Castle - August 2nd (2).
Carlton Marshes - August 8th (1).
Corton - August 10th (2).

Inachis io
Oulton Broad
- February 21st. One flew out from a garden shed in Chestnut Avenue.
Corton - March 17th. One along the disused railway track.
- March 17th, several were present.
Carlton Marshes
- August 8th (1).

Polygonia c-album
Corton - March 17th, one was along the disused railway track, August 22nd (1), September 4th (1), October 10th (2).
Kessingland Sewage Works
- April 24th (2).
North Cove - 6th (2).
Burgh Castle - August 2nd (1).
Warren Road, Gorleston - August 14th (1).
Corton old sewage works - October 3rd (7).

Pararge aegeria
Kessingland Sewage Works
- April 19th, 24th (2).
Fisher Row
- April 25th.
Holly Road - May 2nd (1 released from greenhouse).
North Cove - 6th (3).
Corton disused railway - July 30th (10+), August 10th (1), 28th (6); September 4th (5+), October 9th (1).
Burgh Castle - August 2nd (1), 24th (1).

WALL BROWN Lasiommata megera
Corton cliffs - July 30th (1).
Burgh Castle - August 2nd (2).
Corton disused railway -
August 7th (1), 15th (1), 24th (2), 28th (1).
Carlton Marshes
- August 8th (1).
Breydon South Wall - August 16th (4+).

GATEKEEPER Pyronia tithonus
Corton disused railway -
July 30th (many newly emerged), August 10th (lots).
Burgh Castle - August 2nd (common).

RINGLET Aphantopus hyperantus
Corton disused railway / sewage works -
July 4th (20+ increasingly common here), 30th (1 faded individual).
North Cove - 6th (30+).

SMALL HEATH Coenonympha pamphilus
Burgh Castle - June 1st (c10), August 14th (1).
Breydon South Wall - August 16th (10+), 17th (1); September 4th (1).