6mm figures are 1/285 scale ( the Ameriacn version of 1/300th) so taking a man at 6 feet high 1.8m in metric and divide by 285 you get 6.42 mm from the base of the feet to eye level which since the mid 80's has been the 'standard' method of measuring figures.

How to order

Orders can be emailed, phoned or sent by post.

We will then cast and pack your order, calculate P&P ( Please let us know your country) and the when the order is ready for dispatch we will e-mail you the total .

Some find this system a little different but the only way we can give you an EXACT quote including postage is to get the order ready for dispatch. Additionally there is no point you paying for an order until its ready to go. If you just want a 'ballpark' cost the order forms will give you this in most cases and all the prices are on the website to make your own calculations.

No we don’t have a cart system for several reasons, the complexity of the ranges for one and also that we only charge the exact postage cost, cart systems just charge an set amount and we prefer to make our profits from selling figures not skimming from the postage charges.


Payment can be made by Paypal, cheque or postal order.

To pay via Paypal just click on the Paypal button and that will take you to the paying in page.




We are unable to take payment via card directly, however you can pay using your card via Paypal without having to set up a Paypal account. This is a much safer way or paying as Paypals security systems are better than we can offer.


Preset order forms are provided for the pre packed units, just download the appropriate form AND SAVE IT ( if you dont save, it will be in READ ONLY format which will not allow you to input details )Once saved you can open the form, fill it in and then attach it to your e-mail. Simple as that, the order forms will do all the basic math's as you go.

There is a general order form for strips available as well as specific forms for the pre packed Napoleonic units. Don’t fill in the POSTAGE section we will do that for you.


A good idea to keep copies of the order forms saves having to download them each time. So when you open the form to make an order save it say as ORDER and then the date. They are in ods format which should present no compatibility issues but if they do occur you can download Libre OFFICE (https://www.libreoffice.org/ ) This is freeware/shareware and a dashed good bit of kit.


If your order is a fairly short simple one than you can just cut and paste directly into an e-mail..



If you have ANY problems with the site please do let us know we appreciate defects being pointed out to us.

If possible please have the delivery address on your Paypal account filled in in block capitals as this makes cutting and pasting for posting easier.

There is a PDF downloaded version of the catalogue available HERE

We are also grateful if any problems with particular figures are pointed out us as these are only evident when someone is painting them. Moulds do wear and sometimes this goes unnoticed by us as it may have been quite a while since we have painted any of a particular figure.

Noticed a little confusion about size been around of late, either misscalculation by some people or another agenda but for clarity a quick pic here which I'll redo better when I have the time........



Please read the FAQ section below as this will I hope answer various questions you may have and give you an idea of how we work.



All our ranges are 1/300th scale or 6mm if you prefer except of course the new Ancient 10mm range

All strips have four infantry or two mounted figures unless indicated by a number in ( ). One gun or limber model per code.


Pre packed units are worked out on a ration of 20:1 and include the appropriate command figures, elite company figures and mounted Officers. Where artillery is provided in a Division pack only deployed guns and crews are provided. The default pose for pre packed units is marching let us know if you need different.

Noticed of late an increasing tendency to order the various skirmish pose figures XFN 1/2 etc I assume this is because of the more 'senic' bases advocated in rules sets. These figures are meant to be combined with their advancing pose equivelents to give a mixed 'two man buddy' look to a skirmish line, we dont have the production base to provide just the skirmish pose figures in quantity.






Please read the NEWS page before ordering.