Having been asked to produce Ancients in 1/300th a fair bit over the years we have finally decided to do an Ancient range but to go up to 10mm. Myriad reasons for this but mainly its the extra size means we can depict the armour and dress of the period with greater detail and variations.

It also has the benefit of making the weapons more robust and also allows for the casting of figures with 'open hands' to allow for the fitting of seperate more robust spears..

The first installment are Gauls and Ceasarian Romans

We have now decided the future plans for the 200th ancients range.


When we finish the Ceasarians we will go on to do a range covering the Punic wars and then into the Augustian period and take the range to the end of the lorca segmenta.

A bit predictable I know but I am a big Roman fan ( having them in 6mm, 25mm and 15mm alrready). This will be a long time project in the future we have decided to do a range of figures for the the Normans in Italy ( read the John Julius Norwich books if you dont know it).

We will begin with a range for the Normans, then the Lombards/Italians and ending with the Byzantines. Its a fantastic period with some great looking armour so should be fun, just hope it sells!