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14th September 2002
New release Yule Ritual Live at the Astoria added.

New release Live 1990 added.

Updated Weird Tapes No6 with graphic and track listing.

Updated In Your Area with UK release.

New solo release from Dave Brock Memos and Demos added.

10th August 2002
New release Masters of Rock added.

1st August 2002
New release Atomhenge 76 added.

New release Friends & Relations The Very Best Of Plus Rarities added.

New release Hawkwind Collection (The Legends Collection) added

New release Hawkwind Family Tree added

New release Silver Machine - Live added

New release Spacebrock added

New releases in the weird tapes series added
Weird Tapes No1 : Sonic assassins/Dave Brock
Weird Tapes No2 : Hawkwind Live/Hawklord's Studio
Weird Tapes No3 : Free Festivals
Weird Tapes No4 : Live '78
Weird Tapes No5 : Live 76 & '77
Weird Tapes No6 :
Weird Tapes No7 : Dave Brock demos

New release Zones This is Hawkwind - Do Not Panic added

Updated Live Seventy Nine with graphic for Japanese CD release

Updated Master of the Universe reissue CD with new graphics

Updated Roadhawks with graphic for German vinyl LP release

Updated Silver Machine reissue CD

7th October 2000
New release Collector Series Vol 1 : Complete 79 added.

New release Year 2000:Codename Hawkwind Volume Two. Alive from the Darkside added.

New bootleg CD Rom Live at Stonehenge Free Festival added

Hawklords bootleg CD Rom Micro Mans on Mars added

New bootleg CD Rom Terra Mystica added

6th August 2000
New release The Stonehenge Collection added.

New Nik Turner release Live at Deeply Vale Free Festival 1978 added.

Compact Disc release of Robert Calverts Revenge cassette added.

1st July 2000
New release The Hawkwind Family Box added.

30th May 2000
New release Thrilling Hawkwind Adventures added.

New release Live added

8th March 2000
New Alan Davey compact disc Chaos Delight added.

2nd March 2000
New Lloyd Langton Group compact disc Chain Reaction added.

The "Friends & Relations" Links Page added.

19th February 2000
Promotional compact disc release Silver Machine - Infected by The Scourge of the Earth added.

Jewel case version of Dawn of Hawkwind added.

23rd December 1999
New release Collector Series Vol 2 : Live 1982 CD added.

New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 16 Brainwaves added.

19th November 1999
New release Live at Glastonbury 1990 CD added.

12" promotional vinyl release Silver Machine - Infected by The Scourge of the Earth added.

New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 12/13 Heads added.

New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 14 Live rarities 1979-1984 added.

New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 15 Live rarities 1985-1988 added.

9th october 1999
New compilations CD's Epocheclipse 30 Year Anthology and Epocheclipse The Ultimate Best Of added.

New release Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind Volume One compact disc added.

New release Live 1970 1972 compact disc added.

New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 11 Treadmill added.

Graphic added for Undisclosed Files Addendum metal shield.

New 3 CD-Rom Inner City Unit bootleg Attack of the Mad Saxman added.
Note that this release also includes live Hawkwind recordings.

2nd August 1999
Essential have remastered and reissued Live Seventy Nine, Levitation,Xenon Codex, Space Bandits, Palace Springs and It is the Business of the Future to be Dangerous They have been issued in hardback digipaks with revised artwork. If all 6 are placed together then Hawkwind is spelt out across the top of the spines.

New release Entire and Infinite Universe of Hawkwind compact disc added.

Japanese release of Dawn of Hawkwind added.

Japanese release of Levitation - Hawkwind Live added.

Graphic added for Hawkwind Live

Graphics added for German release of Robert Calverts Ejection single.

11th July 1999
New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 10 Demos added.

6th July 1999
New bootleg CD Rom in the Hawklogs Master Series Volume 9 Death trap added.

22nd June 1999
New release Dawn of Hawkwind compact disc added.

New Dave Brock Agents of Chaos bootleg CD-Rom Time Travellers - Live added

Correction to the Korean compact disc release of Masters of the Universe.
This is actually a new CD with new tracks and not a reissue of the Magnum Music relesaes of the same name even though the artwork is the same.

8th June 1999
New compilation compact disc Master of the Universe added.

New bootleg CD Roms in the Hawklogs Master Series added
Volume 6 Rocky Paths, Volume 7 Earth Calling and Volume 8 Dust of Time

New bootleg CD Rom San Diego Octor 12th 1989 added

New Zealand vinyl release of Doremi Fasol Latido added and track listing amended.

Korean compact disc release of Masters of the Universe added.

New Nik Turner compilation cassette Judgement and Thunder added

Graphic for Space Ritual Alive original U.K United Artists label release added.
This is also reflected in the comparison page for label variations for all of the United Atists UK releases

17th April 1999
New release Golden Void 1969-1979 added.

New release Wastelands of Sleep CD-Rom added

New Adrian Shaw release Head Cleaner added

22nd March 1999
New release Hawkwind 1997 added.

New release Out of the Shadows CD-Rom added

New release Spirit of the Ages CD-Rom added

Update to Danny Thompson's - Tribal Drums to include CD-Rom release.

15th February 1999
New release In Your Area added.

New release Archives CD-Rom added

New release Coming of Hawkwind CD-Rom added

Update to The Elf and the Hawk to include vinyl added and bonus tracks.

Updates to Japanese releases of Hawkwind , X In Search of Space ,Space Ritual Alive and
Warrior on the Edge of Time courtesy of Masahiko "Jin" Satoh.

30th January 1999
New release The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia book with CD of specially commissioned Hawkwind tracks.

New release The Elf and the Hawk Vinyl LP and CD added

New release I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside CD-Rom added

New release Alan Davey's Bedouin - Tres Hombres Live Bootleg CD-Rom Added

12th December 1998
The following album entries have been fully revised with additional releases, catalogue numbers and more accurate release dates.

X In Search of Space
Doremi Fasol Latido
Space Ritual Alive
Hall of the Mountain Grill
Warrior on the Edge of Time
Masters of the Universe

One of the main problems with collecting "original" Hawkwind vinyl releases is not only being able to ditinguish between original pressings and reissues but also being able to identify the different label pressings. To try and help the serious collector overcome this problem there are now links in the release information tables for the above albums to subsequent pages showing scans of each of the labels with dates as to when each repress was made. At present this is just for the UK releases. If you know of any more label variations then please feel free to E-Mail me with details and any scans of the labels that you may have.Thanks.

If you wish to compare label variations for all of the United Atists UK releases then click here. But be warned this is a very large page to download containg 1MB of graphics.

Graphic for Silver Machine / Seven by Seven South African 7" single added.

Graphic for Beer Baccy Bingo & Benidorm Inner City Unit U.K 7" single added.

Graphic for Bones Of Elvis Inner City Unit U.K 7" single added.

1st November 1998
New release Anthology 1967-1982 CD added.

9th October 1998
New release Robert Calvert An Evening With The Action Man bootleg CD Rom added.

New release Robert Calvert/Michael Moorcock The Hawkwind Connection bootleg CD Rom added.

8th October 1998
New release Alan "The Elf" Davey's Sci-fi-delic EP official CD Rom added.

27th September 1998
Graphic for Castle Masters Collection added.

Track listing added to Minneapolis First Avenue MN 4th October 1989 bootleg CD-Rom.

20th September 1998
New release A Quark Night in Paris bootleg CD-Rom added.

Bootleg CD-Rom Minneapolis First Avenue MN 4th October 1989 added.

Bootleg CD-Rom Stoned Hemp added.

Bootleg CD-Rom Stored Odds added.

Jewel case release of Simon House's Yassasim compact disc added.

2nd September 1998
New section added which lists out the solo releases of band members past & present.
Check it out at Band Members Solo Recordings..
Not all band members are covered yet because either they haven't released anything or I don't currently have enough information. Updates will be posted here.
Also please note that not all various artists compilations are listed. The ones which also feature Hawkwind tracks are already included in the Hawkwind Worldwide Discography or are reserved for the Hawkwind Varous Artists Compilations section later this year.

Amendment to track listing for Ambient Anarchists compact disc.

31st August 1998
New release Live Chronicles Bonus Collection compact disc added.

29th July 1998
Graphic added for Text of Festival THBL 2.068 vinyl album reissue.

13th July 1998
New bootleg CD Atomhenge 76 added.

11th July 1998
New release Sonic Boom Killers Best of Singles A's and B's 1970 to 1980 compact disc added.

Guestbook added.
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5th July 1998
Details of Belgium release of X In Search of Space added.

1st July 1998
New bootleg CD Live at The Kinetic Playground added

New Zealand "Rockfile" vinyl album release of Hawkwind added.

Note on the German vinyl album release of Warrior on the Edge of Time added.

Recording details added to Live in Space 1990 , Live at Watchfield & Stonehege Free Festivals , Hawkwind Alive and Kicking , Kings of Speed,Lords of Light and Friday Rock Show Sessions.
Thanks Bernhard.

14th June 1998
Graphics of sleeve & label added for Kings of Speed / Motorhead vinyl single France UP35.808.
Thanks to Kevin Sommers for this. Check out his website Novadrive

After the last update the page for 25 Years On boxset was not displaying properly.
In fact it was trying to display the 25 Years vinyl single release. This is now corrected.

The rogue entry in the Singles & EP's index for "Silver Machine / Lord of Light" has been removed.

4th June 1998
The Singles & EP's section is now online.
This includes all singles and EP's issued by Hawkwind with graphics of sleeves and labels.

All the graphics for Albums & Compact Discs have been improved.
They are now larger and clearer but should not take much longer to load.

Graphic & catalogue number added to Silver Machine Hallmark compilation CD

11th May 1998
New release The Masters CD added.

The graphic for The Church of Hawkwind was not displaying. This should now be o.k

3rd May 1998
The graphic for Ambient Anarchists was not displaying. This should now be o.k
If you find any more non displaying graphics or broken links then please E-Mail me.

Note added to Main page to say that the singles discography will be available from 1st June.

22nd March 1998
Graphic added to A Files bootleg CD

Graphic & track listing added to Damnation Alley bootleg CD

Graphic added to Timeless Paeans From The Ongoing Rituals of Space bootleg CD.

15th March 1998
Track listing revised for A Files bootleg CD

Track listing revised for Area S4 E.P to include bonus track on 12" vinyl.

The BBC Transcription Disc - Live in Concert album added.

Graphic & track listing for Corridor of Flame bootleg CD added

Japanese version of Doremi Fasol Latido updated.

The Hawkwind Alive and Kicking bootleg album added.

The Hawkwind at Glastonbury 1981 cassette added.

Australian release of Night of the Hawks added

Graphic & track listing added to Nova drive bootleg CD

Reference to the "Hawkwind Family Tree" poster with PXR5 album added.

Australian version of Repeat Performance split out as Rock Legends

Graphic & track listing for Secret Tepee bootleg CD added

New release added Silver Machine compilation CD

Track listing for Timeless Paeans bootleg CD added

Revised track listing for X In Search of Space Spanish release

7th March 1998
New release added Welcome to the Future 4 CD set

New graphic added to X In Search of Space for UAS-5567

This page added.

29th December 1997
The site was put up for the first time and includes all albums and CD's released upto the end of 1997.

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